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Cleaning, Protecting and Maintaining

In 1953 Glaubrecht Stingel began producing a brand new cleaning product: ST57 KUKÜ. Soon the market demanded more and more products and a whole range of different cleaners was developed.

The increasingly successful company quickly outgrew its premises in Esslingen am Neckar. Therefore the whole firm including the factory and offices was relocated to nearby Wendlingen in 1961. The new chemical factory was capable of supplying customers all over Germany and a short time later it also served customers in the bordering European countries.

After receiving his degree in chemistry the son, Heinz-Peter Stingel, took over the company in 1974. He focused the business on special products for ceramics, natural and artificial stone. In 1979 he bundled all products under the brand name LITHOFIN (Lithofin is a combination of the Greek word Lithos = the Stone and the English finishing treatment).

Based on the two pillars of quality and service, the brand LITHOFIN quickly spread across the German borders: first into neighbouring Europe, then overseas. As a tribute to the increasingly popular brand name, the company LITHOFIN AG was founded in 2006.

Today LITHOFIN employs more than 60 people who work in development, production, sales and the back office. LITHOFIN is one of the leading suppliers of products for cleaning, protecting and maintaining ceramics, natural and artificial stone.